Brand Design

Runway is the new publishing arm of renowned analytics and data company, Game Analytics. The concept behind Runway is that GA are able to provide all the data and industry insight that a fledgling indie game studio could want and in this way provide a 'runway' for them for their games to take off!


We created a bold, simple mark for the brand to stand out in a busy visual environment of app stores. The two angled forms of the runway provide aspiration and the circular element lends vision and support.

The colour was designed to support this simple but effective icon and the typography was chosen to be modern yet friendly. A set of icons were then developed to be used to support Runway's core services.

We came to Wild Ilk to help us create a brand for a new form of mobile games publisher. The spec was to give an impression of knowledge and awareness as well as maintain a fun and playful integrity of a company working with game developers and designers. The simplicity and boldness helped us to launch with great acclaim and over 70 developers signed up in the first week.

We continue to use Wild Ilk for all our design needs as they have a great sense of what makes us tick.

Game Analytics