History West Midlands

Website Design

History West Midlands (HWM) tasked us with simplifying the user experience for their impressive collection of content as well as their online shop. The aim of the website is to both provide enthusiasts with a great wealth of digital content and also to sell books on the e-commerce section of the site. 


Our strategy revolved around using related content to funnel users towards the store. Users may have landed on the site via a Search Engine for a particular podcast and then they will find a related video, or article and then also see a book or product suggested for a deeper dive into that specific area of local history.

History West Midland's previous website felt cluttered and messy, with no clear visual hierarchy so one priority was to make the site feel cleaner and easier to navigate. As there was so much great content, split across different media such as audio, video and text, we decided to design and implement a system of icons to signpost different types of content. The site is fully mobile responsive as well to give the user the best experience regardless of their device.

A bespoke Content Management System solution was created to allow HWM to upload and manage content in their Shop and on their main site.