Enter The Wildereness Press...

Author: Wild Ilk   |   08.11.2016

Here it is, at long last... The Wilderness Press.

Initially conceived when we set up Wild Ilk, The Wilderness Press is an outlet for our self directed work, collaborations and experiments in art direction and design.

The Wilderness Press has spent quite a few slow years in the incubator, we initially tried running a news feed, then replaced that with a simple page selling the Labyrinth prints in 2014. This was the direction that felt right so we have built a new shop and are excited to see what this creative channel will produce, as well as how it feeds back into our studio work.

Our love of print is a driving force here. Expect screen prints, c-type photographs, riso work, etchings, lino-cuts, limited edition runs and mixed media pieces. We will be exploring that uncultivated mass that makes up a wilderness with the steady pressure of a printing press.


To kick off we have a collaboration with photographer Andrew Pilsbury, ‘The Darkest Hour’ – we drew a letter set and laser cut these forms from board, Andrew set up and photographed the installation, a limited edition, hand numbered giclée print being the outcome.

Gravy Bird, another project that has been under wraps for some years has it’s first piece out as well. Our first time printing onto cloth, in the form of a T-Shirt on pre-order, Spot-On!


We also developed a new kaleidoscopic composition to add to the pieces we made for the Tabula Rasa exhibition, all three compositions are now available in c-type print for purchase.

Stock includes Wild Ilk’s long term collaboration with the Astro Duo, electronic music producers from Birmingham. We have all three of their limited edition 180gm coloured vinyl for sale.

We will be using this platform to reach out to other designers, artists and thinkers to explore their understanding and idea of a Wilderness, fingers crossed we will bring some exciting and captivating pieces… All in good time.

We also have a cheeky discount for the first month online, use wilderness10coupon for a 10% discount!