Brand Design, Website Design

Fathm is an independent news lab, consultancy & agency working to make sustainable change in journalism and communications.

We worked with Fathm initially to create a brand identity for the new company. The logo-mark explores the traditional meaning of ‘fathm/fathom’ as a unit of measure. The idea that the deeper you explore, the more concrete, heavy and full the solution.


We designed and built a website that allows Fathm to advertise their media lab courses and consultancy as well as detail their philosophy and methodologies on areas such as fact checking, AI strategy and distributed newsrooms. Brightly coloured graphics and icons were developed to illustrate these complex topics and workflows. The boldness of which became integral to the visual identity.

The website was built in a modular way, allowing the client to easily update all of the content and set up new pages using a range of pre-coded blocks. The outcome gives them full control of their digital shop front.