Wild Ilk

Wild: Un-restrained,

Ilk: Of a kind

Wild Ilk Design Studio:
Est. 2010

Wild Ilk operates because of a passion for design and applied art. We take great pride in creating unique design solutions for our clients every day. Over 7 years we have developed our own processes for solving many different kinds of communication problems for a wide variety of clients. From large organisations to small, public to private sector, creative to commercial, Wild Ilk relishes every new challenge.

Originally founded in Birmingham, UK in 2010 with a desire to create graphic design that was unique and lasting, Kipp Jones and Tommy Morrison have always strived for the very highest standards. We are extremely proud of our grassroots beginnings and are very happy to still be working with many of our original clients as well adding some well known brands to the portfolio.

In 2014, Kipp moved to Berlin, Germany. This is an exciting new chapter in Wild Ilk’s story and we look forward to sharing our new projects and developments with you.

Tommy Morrison

Birmingham - UK
+44 (0) 7989 935 314

Originally from Manchester, UK, I completed my Foundation in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University before travelling south to study Visual Communication at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Here I discovered my passion for graphic design and particularly brand design.

After completing my degree, I was invited to join a team of fellow BIAD graduates that were working on Birmingham City University’s new suite of prospectuses. I was invited to stay on, after this initial contract, to work in-house as part of the University’s Creative services department. It was here that I gained invaluable experience that prepared me for freelance work and my later my role at Wild Ilk.

As half of Wild Ilk, I relish a wide variety of design challenges and working closely with clients. Rather than focusing on the differences between types of work, I prefer to see them all as problems that need solving.

Kipp Jones

Berlin - Germany
+49 (0) 157 3361 5101

I grew up in The Lake District, Cumbria where I developed a keen interest in photography, then moved to Birmingham to study Visual Communication at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design where doors to the creative world seemed to open before me, especially regarding photography and graphic design. After a short stint as a freelance designer we formed Wild Ilk Design Studio.

Wild Ilk gives me the opportunity to make exciting graphic design work for some really forward thinking clients. We have managed to establish a mindset that encourages experimentation and as a result we regularly use creative processes such as lino-printing, type design and analogue photography in our work. All of which I find thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding.

I have recently moved to Berlin, Germany where I continue to work on brand, web and print design projects.

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